Dundee Michigan-native singer-songwriter, guitarist, and solo musician, Travis Matheny, received that serendipitous guitar as a Christmas gift from his mother long ago, and it was music from then on.

Influenced by punk and emo acts such as Blink 182, Park, Cassino, Days Away, and Taking Back Sunday, Matheny went on to play with several indie bands including Fairway , Words After, and, I’m Happiest When.

Now based out of Buffalo, New York as a solo act under the moniker, Quit Yourself, Matheny has released his debut, solo album, For Those Who Cared, a substantive collection of songs written and recorded with a focused heart… in his attic.

True. Heartwarming. Honest though gentle. Melancholy though hopeful. A soft and sincere collection of songs which seek to validate difficult moments without becoming entrenched by them. Quit Yourself (a.k.a., Travis Matheny), has officially found his vocational wheelhouse in this attic-produced debut solo album, For Those Who Cared, a subtly stirring, entirely approachable collection of songs which honor the pain of life’s transitions in a remarkably calm and wholesome manner. All in all, it’s a substantial contribution to the genre.

-The Ark of Music